Entrepreneur Day

Entrepreneur Day Event

“We really just want to bring together student alumni companies and help them showcase their products and their companies. We want to inspire students and show them what other companies and alumni are doing so they can realize that having a company is not that difficult, it’s something really achievable and really just inspire everyone to pursue their entrepreneurship passion.”  -Amy Checho, The San Diego Union-Tribune 

Each year the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center hosts Entrepreneur Day. Student and alumni companies come to San Diego State’s campus to sell their products and promote their company. An “entrepreneurial village” is created where students, faculty, and community members can experience the fast pace environment of entrepreneurship.

Featured alumni companies included:

  • Volcom
  • Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Company
  • Stance
  • SoccerLoco

More than 10,000 students, faculty and community members experienced the 50 companies that were a part of our entrepreneurial village

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Below is media coverage we received from the event.